Our Artistic Director Madhusree Dutta has received two prizes!

On 26 June 2019 at the 12th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala in Kerala/India, Madhusree Dutta received the Lifetime Achievement Award for her film work. 24 years ago her debut film I Live in Behrampada was awarded at the same site, Kairali Theatre.

In the category "Cultural Manager of the Year", Madhusree Dutta convinced the jury of the Cologne Culture Award, which has been awarded annually by the Cologne Cultural Council since 2010. In her recent work, she has set important accents in the documentation and investigation of urban space and opened the Academy of the Arts of the World more to the city's society, according to the jury. As an example of this development, the jury has cited the Memory Stations project.

Madhusree Dutta, born 1959 in Jamshedpur/Jharkhand in India, is a filmmaker, curator, and author. She is Artistic Director of the Academy of the Arts of the World since March 2018.

We are happy for Madhusree Dutta and the recognition for her work!

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