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we are delighted to unveil the new program of the Academy of the Arts of the World (ADKDW). What is at stake after more than a year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic? How do art and culture reflect global developments?

To kick off the new program, the online symposium Times of Hands will venture across three continents, three chapters and three time zones, accompanying researchers and artists from different disciplines who explore hands as an over-determined cultural phenomenon. In times of stronger border regimes, we strive to promote all the more spaces of solidarity and exchange, and especially so considering that our cooperation partners in Brazil and India are located in countries that are currently most severely affected by Covid-19.

With the HANDS exhibition project, we aim to bring tactile sensations, playfulness and interaction back into public life – in the midst a pandemic that threatens to stunt the multi-faceted cultural nature of hands. To this end, Madhusree Dutta and ADKDW member Ala Younis have invited nine international artists to create artist editions that aim to root art in every-day realities and to tap into its playful and therapeutic potential. A series of workshops, online talks and exhibition tours with the curators will provide a chance to deepen the ensuing discussions.

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