Carnivals, with their vibrant festivities and exuberant spirit, have long been celebrated across diverse regions and cultures around the world. Yet, beyond their surface merriment, carnivals are deeply intertwined with socio-political narratives, cultural expressions, and economic dynamics. Theˈaw project stands as a powerful exploration of the multifaceted dimensions of carnival, with a particular focus on its connections to spirituality, economics, and politics. Based on research and production conducted in Rio de Janiero and Cologne, this ambitious project, driven by collaboration and cultural exchange, aims to deepen our understanding of the carnival's significance while bringing its essence closer to the streets and hearts of people from all walks of life.

At the heart of the Academy's endeavors lies an unwavering commitment to fostering friendships and building a space for the exchange of ideas. By cultivating openness and encouraging collaborations, the Academy paves the way for inclusive interpretations and flexible event structures. Theˈaw project is a testament to this vision, as it endeavors to engage with individuals who might not be regular visitors to ADKDW programs. Through this initiative, ADKDW seeks to offer a platform to express oneself and participate actively in a carnival's creative process.

This unique collaboration brings together an array of talent, including musicians, performers, designers, and creative minds from diverse backgrounds and geographies to bring to our attention the inner layers of carnival and demonstrate ways for reimagining its infrastructure. By bridging local and international perspectives, this endeavor enriches both the artists' experience and that of the audiences, leading to reciprocal growth and understanding.

Theˈaw project does not merely aim to present an event but instead focuses on explorations of and interventions in infrastructures. A meticulous process of research, investigation, co-production, and performance unfolds throughout the multi-month project, culminating in the development of new strategies for future carnivals. Theˈaw project stands as a testament to the enduring power of carnival to unite diverse communities, celebrate cultural heritage, and challenge boundaries.