The ADKDW is pleased to welcome artist and curator, as well as ADKDW member, Merv Espina from Manila, Philippines, for a residency in Cologne.

Merv Espina is an artist and curator living in Las Piñas, Metro Manila. His artistic explorations result in installations and film screenings, seminars and magazines, music mixes and comix anthologies, pirate radio hacks, choreographies and perfume productions. His art projects have been featured in the 2015 Jakarta Biennale and the 2020 Yokohama Triennale.

As part of his residency in Cologne, Merv Espina will present his research project Media Encounters on 29 11 2023. In a film screening, he will present films from the late Cold War and early post-Soviet era, co-produced with the Goethe-Institut, that capture the social upheaval and political turbulence of the period. The films had a significant impact on local art scenes. The Media Encounters project re-explores these films and challenges the assumption of a one-sided influence of the encounters between local artists and their German collaborators.