ADKDW Residency

With the aim of bringing non-European perspectives into dialog with the European public, the ADKDW regularly welcomes artists-in-residence from all over the world to Cologne. The artists-in-residence present their work with their own events in the Academy's program. In the course of the residencies, exhibitions, talks, workshops and much more are created, which are regularly announced on the ADKDW's digital channels.

Afrodeutsch Zine © Olivia Emefiele

Participatory Residency Program

The Participatory Residency Program is aimed at artists and activists who work interactive and want to develop a program for the local scenes and communities in Cologne. With workshops, film screenings, readings, or open-mics, the program particularly addresses multiple marginalized individuals and groups who are excluded from the discourses of mainstream society, e.g. because of their origin, religion, class, disabilities, and/or sexual orientation. ADKDW hosts the Participatory Residency Program twice a year in collaboration with changing local partner institutions. The purpose of the program is to strengthen the social participation of marginalized groups and to support the actors in expressing their living realities in an artistic way.

For artists and/or activists:
- Two scholarships are given out per year for five months each
- Applications are invited via two open calls per year.

For associations, initiatives, collectives, etc.:
- Usually, one cooperation per year is established for twelve months at a time
- Interested organizations can contact

Manifesta 2022 Pristina © Dardan Zhegrova

Research- and work scholarships

With research- and work scholarships, the ADKDW brings international artists, thinkers, and cultural professionals to Cologne. They are given the opportunity to get to know the region and its art and creative scene, to conduct research, and to find new impulses for their own work.

For artists, scholars and/or cultural professionals:
- On the recommendation of ADKDW members, 2-3 research and work scholarships are awarded annually; applications are not possible
- The selection of the Artists-in-Residence is made by the Members' Council and the Artistic Director of the ADKDW

From April to June 2024, artist and filmmaker Mriganka Madhukaillya will be our guest. With his film Swamp things, he makes the organic and inorganic voices of the city - from minerals to ecosystems and microorganisms - audible. Mriganka Madhukaillya is realizing the film project in collaboration with Dr. Maan Barua (University of Cambridge), philosopher Ralf Wendt and poet Jasmina Al-Qaisi. In two events, Mriganka and his collaborators will present the projects: The first event will present the film Invocation, initially commissioned by the British Museum on the insights into the Vrindabani Vastra. The Assamese textile, woven the seventeenth century depicting illustrations of Lord Krishna’s childhood, will be called into the present in order to propose an alternative, but nevertheless viable world. In a lecture performance, Mriganka will present Swamp things to the Cologne audience and talk about how theory and visual thinking shed light on each other in the filmmaking process.

In May and June 2024, we welcome the artist Dardan Zhegrova, to Cologne as artist-in-residence, whose works were shown at Manifesta 14 in Prishtina in 2022, among others. Dardan Zhegrova's works are oriented towards objects and performance. His works are most often based on poems, which are always at the beginning of the conception of a new work. The breaking down of various boundaries in Zhegrova's work also reflects his queer identity, which oscillates between feminine and masculine attributes and consciously rejects and transcends a normative understanding of gender.

Swamp Things, stills from research process © Mriganka Madhukaillya

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The ADKDW Residency is realized with the kind support of the RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur. The Participatory Residency Program with Olivia Emefiele is realized in cooperation with the Jugendwerkstatt Chorweiler.