ADKDW Residency


The ADKDW Residency brings international thinkers and creatives to Cologne to join forces with local actors and make the potential of an intercultural urban society visible.
The ADKDW Residency is aimed at international artists, theorists and curators, among others. The invitation to a residency in Cologne offers them impulses for networking with the artists and institutions based here as well as the independent scene. This is intended to give international artists and cultural workers the opportunity to get to know the Cologne region and its art and creative scene intensively, to conduct research, and to find new impulses for their own work.

The residents are selected through various procedures:
At the suggestion of the academy members, artists such as Kinda Hassan, Mohammad Shawky Hassan and Ali Yass were given the opportunity to work in Cologne. In 2022, the ADKDW members chose the Brazilian singer Danielle Almeida and Koel Sen, artists from Mumbai.

For the Participatory Residency Program (PRP) interested artists can actively apply via Open Calls. Influenced by intersectional, decolonial and power-critical approaches, the Participatory Residency Program explores new forms of collaboration and is aimed at queer persons of color. The goal is to enable marginalized local actors and communities to actively participate in ADKDW's program over the long term. The partners DEMASK Kollektiv, Integrationshaus e.V. and the Youth Workshop Chorweiler – as part of the Jugendfreizeitwerk Köln e.V. Youth Workshop Chorweiler - as part of the Jugendfreizeitwerk Köln e.V. - set the framework for the collaboration with their artistic and political concerns. The fellows are given the opportunity to develop and realize a multifaceted program. During Elle Fierce's residency, for example, a cinematic collage of dance, performance and sound as well as movement workshops for the local QT*BI*POC community were created. Elle Fierce is succeeded in the summer of 2022 by Jordan Chanetsa, LGBTQIA+ activist from Zimbabwe.

The Participatory Residency Program is realized with the kind support of the RheinEnergie Stiftung Kultur and the Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR).

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